The diagram below illustrates how our business processes interact to develop our integrated strategy and approach to reporting and serves as a guide to navigate our report.


Artboard 5

Gain an understanding of how we are governed

Our appropriate governance controls and oversight mechanisms throughout the Company ensure effective control and a strong sense of ethics and legitimacy. Refer to page 18 and the Governance and Remuneration Report.


Artboard 10
Learn about our stakeholders and our external environment Through our stakeholder engagement process, we understand the needs and concerns of our stakeholders. Learn More. We also actively monitor changes in our external environment. Learn More.


Artboard 6
Take a holistic look Our inward focus is on the risks and opportunities highlighted by our enterprise risk management system. Learn More.


Artboard 8
Learn about our internal environment Our holistic understanding of value creation, preservation and erosion is described under our material matters. Learn More.


Artboard 2
Understand our strategy Our strategy reflects our response plan in the short, medium and long term by setting objectives and explaining how we aim to achieve them. Learn More.


Artboard 3
Understand our value creation model Our value creation model illustrates how we utilise resources and relationships (our capitals) optimally and is structured to enable strategy execution and value creation. Learn More.


Artboard 9
Consider our performance against our strategy To reflect on the extent to which we have succeeded in delivering against our strategy, we provide performance feedback in the following sections of our report:
  • Message from the Chairman of the Board here.
  • Message from the CEO here.
  • Message from the CFO here.
  • Performance review here.
  • Performance per strategic pillar here.
  • Business enablement here.
  • In these chapters, we also provide an outlook for expected future performance.


Artboard 7

Understand how we remunerate

We have policies in place and a long track record of remunerating our people fairly. However, performance based bonuses and salary increases were impacted by the pandemic. Refer to our Governance and Remuneration Report.