Airports Company South Africa’s Board is responsible for the strategic direction and control of the Group. The Directors provide independent, informed and effective judgement that facilitates transparency and enables appropriate and relevant decision-making. The Board is responsible for upholding good corporate governance and remains committed to high standards of governance, ethics and integrity. The Board sets an ethical tone by creating and sustaining an enabling culture. This is achieved through the adoption and effective implementation of policies and practices that ensure a culture of integrity and compliance, while meeting high levels of transparency and disclosure.Our robust governance framework anchored our response to the challenges of FY2020/21, providing a central cohesive source of support and stability. The Board steered the Group, tasking management with formulating a response to the crisis and revising the strategy to keep the company on course for its longterm goals. The Board applied independent, informed and effective judgement in evaluating and setting the directions of the Group. The Board demonstrated its commitment in its availability which is evidenced in the number of meetings we held as well as our agility in assessing information and making decisions.


Our Board is responsible for strategic direction and oversight of the Group. The Executive Committee, under the leadership of the CEO, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Group.