As a result of COVID-19, the Company’s Strategy 2025 has been reviewed and reset to guide Airports Company South Africa through the trying economic times and optimise short-, medium- and long-term value creation. Our strategic pillars of Run airports, Develop airports and Grow our footprint continue to uphold our vision and endure in our revised strategy. Our overall strategy remains intact and is in line with airports globally.

Our revised strategy is aimed at surviving the downturn for the next five years and includes, among others, the following plans:

  • Revising our financial approach and engaging our financial institutions, investors and South African Government
  • Diversifying the aeronautical business model to include new and enhanced service offerings
  • Reviewing airport authority functions previously outsourced to service providers
  • Expanding airport development through the Aerotropolis model to create bigger economic hubs and activity around the major international airports

Our new strategy will be implemented over three timeframes – now to 2025, 2026 to 2030 and beyond 2030. We implement our strategy and measure our performance against a set of strategic objectives and associated key performance indicators (KPI). Read here for more information on our strategic objectives and KPIs.

Our three-pillar strategy

The strategy map below outlines our strategic objectives and the related key performance indicators.

Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework depicts the impact we want to make on our business, our people and society and our environment, which are aligned with the IIRC’s six capitals.

Our business (Financial capital, Manufactured
capital, Intellectual capital)

  • Enhance our reputation
  • Improve passenger experience
  • Ensure financial sustainability
  • Contribute to airport traffic and diversify our business

Our people and society (Human capital, Social and relationship capital)


  • Transform Airport’s Company South Africa’s business
  • Diversify our workforce and create a positive environment for our employees

Our environment (Natural capital)

  • Minimise environmental impacts and strive to be carbon neutral